I began work as the Creative Director for Convergent Acquisitions and Development in 2006. At the time, the company was new and I worked to establish their brand identity as a trusted partner in real estate investment opportunities. This involved gathering leads and then selling the city of Charlotte as an up and coming market as well as marketing Convergent's products as the most appealing in the area and most importantly in marketing real estate investment for rental purposes as one of the best options for wealth in the long term. In addition to the work I did for Convergent, I also created brands and collateral for her sister companies, including Red Tulip Realty and Pegasus Real Estate Education.

At Convergent, I managed a $60,000 per month online advertising budget as well as two employees. Following my start at Convergent, their pool of leads has increased by more than 100%. Additionally, the average monthly sales at Convergent more than doubled in the months following the implementation of my ideas.